Legend of Tall Timber

Tall Timber Resort, located approximately 25 miles north of Durango, Colorado, is one of the few true luxury getaway destinations. Envisioned and hand built by owners Denny and Judy Beggrow, they accomplished what few ever aspire to: to become a 5-star resort, and to maintain that 5-star rating for 24 years.

The unique setting of this incomparable resort sets it apart from its peers. The entire 180-acre property has absolutely no road access. From every timber for the buildings, to the cement, chandeliers, fine china, linens, commercial grade stoves, walk-in refrigerators, commercial laundry equipment, billiard table, 20,000 volumes in the library, sauna, hot tubs, and yes, even the in-ground pool…every item had to arrive to this untouched wilderness property via rail or helicopter.

What is truly remarkable though, is the legendary service of this fine resort. From the beginning, owner Denny Beggrow instilled in his staff members a commitment to service like no other. Extra pillows in the room? Extra lemon wedges for the iced tea? Breakfast basket at 7:00? Full serve lunch delivered picnic style at river’s edge? Our pleasure. It is this attention to detail, and the grace and friendliness of each staff member, that keep guests -- from families to honeymooners to celebrities -- coming back, year after year, many for several decades.

Tall Timber’s legendary service lives on to this day. Tall Timber Resort has recently decided to close its doors to overnight guests to make way for a new and exciting second generation of guests at its property. Owner Denny has stepped aside to allow his son, Johnroy, to embark on an entirely new adventure at this unique property by together building Soaring Tree Top Adventures—the longest, largest, safest zipline canopy tour course in the world.

Although Soaring guests (approximately 60 per day) arrive via the historic Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, the legendary service of Tall Timber is not an idea of the past. The extraordinary service philosophy continues among the Soaring staff; overseen by Denny and Johnroy, it is a concept that is taught and eagerly accepted and practiced by the Soaring staff.

Now that legacy of incomparable service does not begin and end upon arrival to Soaring Tree Top Adventures. This unique experience begins with a greeting, friendly welcome and a smile from a Soaring host while embarking on the Durango train. New this year, Soaring has adapted two train cars on the Durango train, converting them to first class, high-end cars for the enjoyment of its Soaring guests. Ticketless travel and finely appointed transport are a few of the amenities that await the Soaring traveler.

Please visit Soaring Tree Top Adventures’ website at www.soaringcolorado.com for more information. To make an online reservation to travel on the Durango train in Tall Timber’s first class cars to Silverton or to go Soaring, click the Reservations tab or call 970-769-2357.